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Introducing our Silky Smooth Silkscreen Print, the perfect addition to any minimalist art collection. Each print is created using high-quality materials, resulting in a luxurious and palpable finish. Our prints are carefully crafted by hand, ensuring that each one is unique and one-of-a-kind. With a range of designs to choose from, these prints are sure to elevate any space with their timeless and elegant aesthetic. Invest in a piece of art that will bring joy and sophistication into your home for years to come.


This item will arrive rolled in a dent-resistant tube.This method is especially safe for oversized works, and provides lower shipping costs as well. Rolled works can be easily stretched (for canvas works, i.e. placed onto wooden stretcher bars) and/or framed by a local framer upon arrival. Upon immediate delivery, we highly recommend you send any works on paper directly to your framer for cautious, professional unrolling of the artwork.

Silky smooth

PriceFrom 45,00 €
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